Twitterature: October 2017

A round-up of my attempts at twitterature this month, there was definitely a witchy/spooky/horror Halloween vibe going on!

Sadly, I managed to completely miss posting on the 31st itself, I did tweet… it just wasn’t writing. Here’s what I managed to turn out:

She is a witch born on the chalk and her heart is made of flint. You will never take her away, she is stronger than you think. – Oct 3

“Stir the pot, dear?”
“I just checked it, its fine…”
“Just keep stirring, last time the eye of newt didn’t macerate at all.” – Oct 10

The party was simply ghastly. Apparitions from all over the world turned up, it was the event to be seen dead at. – Oct 18

Skin bubbled and shifted, bones quivered and scraped. She was awake again but her lungs did not heave, nor her chest swell. – Oct 24

What did I post on Halloween instead of twitterature?

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