Twitterature: November 2017

November was a little hectic as right at the beginning of the month I had the opportunity to finally visit New York city. It was pretty exciting to finally be able to see the place and the sights, so creative stuff took a little bit of a back seat whilst I ogled the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the Statue of Liberty, the bridges, Central Park and the Met. I was also supremely privileged to go see the Broadway production of Hamilton and sampled some fabulous Manhattans along the way.

Nevertheless, whilst I was getting into a New York State of Mind, I managed to do a little bit of writing.

Just a speck. Then slowly, it grew, so that some thought it a kind of cloud, until it became a black tear above, unmoving. – Nov 4

It slithered towards them, right up to the glass. Of course, they knew it moved but had never witnessed it till now. It was subtly wrong. – Nov 10

A crack, a pop, a grating shift of sound and air. Ice crystals fell flickering in the light of day, shed by the movement of the colossal block and revealing a small figure. – Nov 13 (#Tooterature – Mastodon)

“It’s a jungle out there, little one” she said reverently, the wild expanse stretched out before them. They strode towards it, together. – Nov 14

Some of the pictures I took this month, which was more than normal for obvious reasons…

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