Twitterature: April 2018

Good intentions are great. They’re better when you actually execute on them.

I had every intention of resurrecting my Tuesday Twitterature in April, I managed to half succeed. Honestly, the widening gap had become an ever increasing embarrassment and I really needed to get back to some creative writing, and really, Twitterature is a really simple way to give myself windows of creativity without a huge commitment when I simply don’t have the time or energy for anything of a longer format.

What did I manage to write in April? Well, not a lot. The first half of the month was dominated by work and me losing my collective shit over getting to meet Chris Perkins of D&D fame and have him DM a game for us, while we were joined by Kate Welch of C Team, Rosie Beestinger fame. Yeah, it was rad AF.

Oh, I went to Las Vegas for a few days too. That was nice.

Only two actual Twitterature entries really, though, I would humbly like to submit my tribute to WrestleMania 2018 as a work of pure fiction:

[Meaningful look at each other]
[Meaningful look at WrestleMania sign together]
[Meaningful look at each other]


See? That’s world-class wrestling-grade scene writing. Incidentally, it was the beginning/end of every major match on the run-up to the event. So yeah, WWE? I’m available for some scripting work.

Lets get on with the actual writing, shall we?

To be invited to the collection was no small thing.
She gazed on the jars more closely. “These are bones… small bones”
The grunt of ascent.
“They’re… people bones? Oh. They were people…”
A chill gathered in hers as the invitation was understood. – Apr 17

Flamingoes near the Sands,
East of the Mandalay meets the West,
Hard Rocks and Hooting.
The jewel of the desert stands defiant of nature and man. – Apr 24

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