Lisa is a product of a life lived across a few different countries, a couple of languages and a lot of geeky hobbies. She’s an avid reader and writer of all things Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Folklore; the stranger the better. Think Cthulhu and spam bot found poetry. Sometimes people call her “Voo”, its her weird internet nickname.

A late arrival to the worlds of tabletop role-play and live action role-play games, she used to enjoy running around muddy English fields pretending to be someone else but now is more likely to be found around a table playing Dungeons & Dragons. She enjoys writing for and about games, short fiction and the challenges of writing Flash fiction. She occasionally attempts to provide insightful (or just entertaining) reviews of all kinds of media.

In another life, she was a Community Manager for London games studio, Hutch; a data analyst for a major utilities company; a Product Marketer for Nintendo of America; and more recently, the Community Manager for [email protected] Currently living in the Pacific North West, she spends time with her husband, two adorably evil cats and a mischievous Corgi pupper boy, playing video games, drawing, painting and writing about weird and wonderful things.


For business inquiries or work opportunities, please feel free to contact me either via the Contact Form or LinkedIn. I’m always looking for new opportunities to work with cool people on exciting projects. I’m comfortable taking part in talks, contributing to or hosting panel discussions and conducting interviews.

Feel free to check out some of the things I’ve done before:


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Elite: Lave Revolution – Official Elite Dangerous Novel | June 2015 | CreateSpace Publishing / Allen Stroud | Illustrator (UK | US)

BFS Journal #14 ‘The Rebirth of Interactive Fiction’ | Jul 2015 | British Fantasy Society | Contributor

Read This first ‘The Dreamer’ | July 2017 | CreateSpace Publishing / A C Macklin | Contributor (UK | US)

BFS Horizons #5 ‘Age of Sickness’ | August 2017 | British Fantasy Society | Contributor

Game Credits

Day of Defeat (pre-Valve) | iNvasionworks

Rubies of Eventide | Cyber Warrior, Inc.

MMX Racing, MMX Hill Dash, Race Kings and Top Drives | Hutch Games