PAX West 2019 – The Improv Roleplayer’s Handbook 3rd Edition

Role-playing isn’t all about the DM, it’s about the whole group and the amazing stories they tell together. By leveraging improvisation, players can learn how to better build each other up, support the group, succeed together, and fail together.

Our gang of intrepid improvisational adventurers/gaming veterans return with a final installment of their unpredictable quest to make your gaming table a more fun place to be. Bringing new faces, new approaches, new genres, and a few old favorites.

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Twitterature: April 2018

Good intentions are great. They’re better when you actually execute on them.

I had every intention of resurrecting my Tuesday Twitterature in April, I managed to half succeed. Honestly, the widening gap had become an ever increasing embarrassment and I really needed to get back to some creative writing, and really, Twitterature is a really simple way to give myself windows of creativity without a huge commitment when I simply don’t have the time or energy for anything of a longer format. more “Twitterature: April 2018”

The Rebirth of Interactive Fiction

Originally published in the BFS Journal #14, Jul 2015 – British Fantasy Society

Text-based adventures were some of our first early videogames to use progression or creation of a narrative as the main method of play. These games first appeared in the 1970s, then became incredibly popular in the 1980s due to their simplicity to create and power. Text-based adventures are merely a subsection of interactive fiction, a cornerstone of games development. This genre has suffered with a fall from grace and was neglected for many years, but now it’s back with a vengeance. more “The Rebirth of Interactive Fiction”

Twitterature: November 2017

November was a little hectic as right at the beginning of the month I had the opportunity to finally visit New York city. It was pretty exciting to finally be able to see the place and the sights, so creative stuff took a little bit of a back seat whilst I ogled the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the Statue of Liberty, the bridges, Central Park and the Met. I was also supremely privileged to go see the Broadway production of Hamilton and sampled some fabulous Manhattans along the way.

Nevertheless, whilst I was getting into a New York State of Mind, I managed to do a little bit of writing. more “Twitterature: November 2017”

Twitterature: October 2017

A round-up of my attempts at twitterature this month, there was definitely a witchy/spooky/horror Halloween vibe going on!

Sadly, I managed to completely miss posting on the 31st itself, I did tweet… it just wasn’t writing. Here’s what I managed to turn out:

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Inktober 2017 – A Start

Some of you may know, I take a great pleasure from drawing and painting, but over the years its been relegated to being an infrequent hobby instead of the focus it was early on in my life. Every year Inktober rolls around, I gawp in awe at other people’s offerings wishing I could commit to creating on that schedule.

This year I took a stab at it. I started late, didn’t get very far and didn’t finish. But I tried. Some I’m proud of, some I’m not. The thing I took away from this year is that I really need to be better prepared, make space in which to create instead of just trying to do it in the middle of other work and try not to over-complicate things. Anyway, here are some of the pieces I managed to complete.

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Twitterature: A Challenge

In August I challenged myself to post one piece of Twitterature up a week, inspired by friend and author Liss Macklin, her being the one who initially switched me on to the microfiction. Some of you may be asking “What on earth is ‘twitterature’?” well, Wikipedia calls it:

Twitterature (a portmanteau of Twitter and literature) is literary use of the microblogging service of Twitter. It includes various genres, including aphorismspoetry and fiction written by individuals or collaboratively.

The 140-character maximum imposed by the medium provides a creative challenge.

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Women and POC in Fantasy and Science Fiction

A little while ago, inspired to dig deeper by some incredibly interesting individuals on my twitter feed, I encountered some fantastic lists of book recommendations that highlight the talents of both women and POC that are creating some top-notch fantasy and science fiction offerings. These folks represent some of the most frequently overlooked, but most original and insightful, creators of our time; though if the more recent spell of Hugo Awards are anything to go by, things are very slowly changing to appreciate them more fully.

I’d like to list a few of my absolute personal favourites first, then I’ll let you sift through the wonderful and very comprehensive lists that have been complied elsewhere. Please join me in celebrating and supporting these wonderful authors. more “Women and POC in Fantasy and Science Fiction”

PAX West 2017 – The Improv Roleplayer’s Handbook Panel

Last year fulfilled a dream for myself and my other half, we got to attend PAX West (Prime if you’re OG) for the first time after many years of pining to be among ‘our tribe’. This year we took a chance on taking that dream to the next level and submitted panels for this year’s show. The good news? We got accepted!

I’m thrilled to announce that myself and a spectacular panel of clever, talented and hilarious people will be bringing something something brand-spanking-new to PAX West, we like to call it:

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