PAX West 2019 – The Improv Roleplayer’s Handbook 3rd Edition

Role-playing isn’t all about the DM, it’s about the whole group and the amazing stories they tell together. By leveraging improvisation, players can learn how to better build each other up, support the group, succeed together, and fail together.

Our gang of intrepid improvisational adventurers/gaming veterans return with a final installment of their unpredictable quest to make your gaming table a more fun place to be. Bringing new faces, new approaches, new genres, and a few old favorites.

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PAX West 2017 – The Improv Roleplayer’s Handbook Panel

Last year fulfilled a dream for myself and my other half, we got to attend PAX West (Prime if you’re OG) for the first time after many years of pining to be among ‘our tribe’. This year we took a chance on taking that dream to the next level and submitted panels for this year’s show. The good news? We got accepted!

I’m thrilled to announce that myself and a spectacular panel of clever, talented and hilarious people will be bringing something something brand-spanking-new to PAX West, we like to call it:

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Read This First: An Anthology By Accident

It just so happens that I have the very good fortune of being surrounded by friends who are, no word of a lie, bursting at the seams with talent. My friend group are a bunch of enviably creative bastards who’s success and genius I wish I could emulate, as such, sometimes the opportunity to be inspired by them and collaborate with them crops up and I’d be a fool to turn the chance down. more “Read This First: An Anthology By Accident”